Monday, August 29, 2016

Fetchingly Light

I'm finding it increasingly challenging to come up with designs that reflect my personal style now that so many have discovered all of the wonderful components available online in groups and shops.
That's when I fall back to relying on my own components that I haven't made available to others yet.

These earrings were created with some polyclay pieces that I made in a workshop with Christine Damm at Art On the Farm in Vermont last May.
I fell in love with the techniques she taught us as I am all about texture and lightness when designing earrings

I dug out some of my old seed bead stash to stack up on these copper enamel headpins that I got from Alaskan artist Tamie Hageland from Copper Creek Studio

I had such fun making them I had to repeat the design in a different color

These are fun and lightweight to wear and you'll see nothing like them! 

Thanks so much for looking. I'll be on a break now to go visit some of my European beady friends that I've met online along the way.
If you'd like to see pics from my trip you can follow my Instagram page here:

Adios for now!
Kimberly Rogers

Friday, August 26, 2016

3 wire headpins

So I managed to grab me a pair of 3 wire Pati Walton headpins during her recent FB headpin sale. I was fascinated and daunted by the 3 wires.  I had absolutely no idea how I would 'tackle' them.  I've only seen them being used by Lynn Ferro and Cheryl Zink.  I love these ladies' designs.  But I needed to make sure mine looked nothing like theirs - a difficult task as I kept thinking about how they'd used these headpins.

So these are the headpins in question

and this is my interpretation.

I'm really happy with the way they've turned out.  Here are a few more pictures

But once you start making earrings there's no stopping - I'm sure a lot of you will relate to this ;) So I went ahead and made some more :D

Headpins by Pati Walton
Birds by Lorna Johnston

Flowers by Elaine Thornton
Beaded beads by Ellie Bead

And lastly Ceramic decal charms by Petra Carpreau

That's it for today.  I'll be listing these earrings either in my Etsy shop or in my FB show which is currently running in the Handmade Jewellery Showcase group

Thank you <3<3<3

Suhana xxx

Thursday, August 25, 2016

East Meets West

I call these East Meets West because there is a bit of an Asian feel to these earrings. I think it's the combination of the painted Medallions and the Heishi Pearls maybe and the Turquoise Barrels always make me think of the West.

I love this color combination.
These earrings are available to purchase


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Earthy Ceramics

I'm a big fan of ceramics and porcelains in my pieces and I'm always on the look out for new works.  I just happen to stumble across ETSY shop Butterfly Emporium who started offering these little ceramic charm sticks/slabs.  I was drawn to them for their rich color, organic textures and overall pricing.   I ended up purchasing three sets to start and all sold in just a short period of time.  They are super light in weight and all come with a wire loop.  

I love this bursting blue flow,  I just happen to have some lovely lamp-work glass caps that were some what mismatched in color, because the drops had such a variety of tones, there was no problem combining the two, ☺

Another great earthy look with more mismatched lamp work square glass beads.  Bottom pair is combined with Etched Agate rounds and porcelain spacers.

So head on over and see if there is something you cant live without,  I guarantee your gonna love em!!!

See you in a couple weeks friends, ♥
Lynn Ferro

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Blast From The Past. Fused Hoops. Cindy's Art and Soul

I am still very busy working on new jewelry for my August 31st shop update. Therefore I am going to share some earrings I made about six years ago. They are being modeled by my beautiful daughter who magically makes them 100 times prettier! Don't you agree?

Interestingly (or not?) enough, back then I was naming all my creations in order to keep track and ID them. This set I named Molly which is the name of my dog now. (fun fact!) 

I am still very proud of this design and that is why I am sharing it today.

Created with pure copper and pure silver, the hoops are fused. Fusing occurs when the metal is heated to the point of being molten and thus does not need solder. Fusing copper can be tricky, but is so rewarding, for me. I adore the rich hues of this metal and the natural patina that begins even one day after polishing. 

See you in two weeks! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

An earring state of mind

As I am not a full time jewellery creator I have to plan my “play-with-beads” days. Usually they are on a Saturday. I make a cup of coffee, take out my bags of (art) beads and boxes of components and findings, take a seat on the dining table and start fiddling with beads.

What I create next will define what I create the rest of the day. That is just how my brain works. When I start my day creating a bracelet, I simply cannot make a pair of earrings after that. The flow isn’t right. I have tried many times but I always can tell. Usually these designs don’t sell and I take them apart. So, I stick to my routine. When the first creation of my play day is a pair of earrings or a bracelet, I stick to that the rest of the day. A few Saturday's ago I was in an earrings state of mind.

On the hunt for art head pins I came across these beautiful head pins of Elasia. The colours are absolutely gorgeous. They combine beautifully with Czech glass (flowers) and brass. The flow that day was particularly good, as I was able to make 4 pairs. 

Headpins: Elasia
Copper ear wires: Faerystones
Greek ceramic, Czech flower beads, brass.

The first two pairs have sold already but the other two are still available.

Headpins: Elasia
Copper ear wires: Faerystones
African glass beads, Czech glass, brass


Headpins: Elasia
Copper ear wires: Faerystones
Lampwork glass beads: Radiant Mind Beads


Do you recognize this thought/design process? Or is my brain just working a bit weird LOL. That would not surprise me at all.

Anyway, thank you so much for looking. I love to read your comments. See you on the second Monday of September.

Wishing you a wonderful week full of joy, laughter, sunshine and creative design processes.

Friday, August 19, 2016

We're All Ears :: August Reveal

Sorry for the delay! This show that I am mounting (opening on August 30th!) is busting my behind with all the work that needs to be done! And while I didn't manage to get even one fire pit in over the last two weeks, I did manage to eke out a few pairs of earrings for the challenge (double duty as they will go into my exhibit! Woot!)

When I see flames dancing and chasing the sky, I think of copper. It perfectly embodies the molten core of fire. And I also thought of glass, particularly lampwork, that would be created in a flame. Lucky for me, my hoarding tendencies are well known and I came across this little stash of copper pieces from our friend Kristi Bowman. As luck would have it, they were right next to lampwork glass swirl discs from Melissa Rediger. Sweet serendipity! Since both components are flat, I didn't want to miss out on showing off their incredible detail so I did a little bit of simple wirework to show them off. I call these Flame Dancer. (I think I may be tempted to keep these for myself! So light and glowy!)

I came across some polymer clay headpins that I made at the Inspired by Nature retreat in 2015. They look so much like the lumps of molten heat in the center of the flame. There is always a lot more color in fire than just red and orange and these have a touch of purple shades and tiny white flecks. Wrapped in rings that simulate the tangled branches of the fire pit, I call these little wonders Hot Spots.

At the end of the night, the grey ash mixed with the charred remains and the tiny spots of dying flame are as fascinating to watch as when the flames are shooting sparklers into the night sky. These are another pair of headpins I created last year with a perfectly weathered look. The headpins are on blackened annealed steel wire which I made into a frame. I wrapped a copper colored wire around that ending in random twists of wire. I call these Embers & Ash.

I really need to get my flame on and enjoy that fire pit (maybe as a reward for getting this show, "Beauty in the Broken Places" off the ground!). I think a cold beverage and some s'mores would make a great way to celebrate!

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